About ScrapRight

At ScrapRight, we are revolutionizing the recycling software industry with our innovative, user-friendly solutions. Our aim is to provide the most advanced yet straightforward recycling management software on the market, that empowers scrap yards, recycling centers, and waste management companies to track, process, and manage their operations efficiently. Rooted in a profound understanding of the recycling business, our software enables seamless integration and automation of workflow, ensuring compliance, improving profitability, and promoting environmental sustainability. From small recycling centers to large-scale waste management companies, ScrapRight is the go-to solution for those seeking effective scrap yard and recycling management software.


Meet our Founder & CEO

Shon and his wife of 36 years, Tammy, have two daughters and four grandchildren. His business acumen is incomparable among recycling software executives and he possesses a solid history of success; firstly in the Army as a Military Police Officer, then as an expert in the automobile and insurance industries, and, for the last sixteen years, as a leader in the scrap & recycling industry as a Recycling SaaS solutions provider. Shon has had the privilege of traveling to over 1000 scrap yards, installing and training both employees and owners while intently listening to their needs. Shon believes strongly that customer satisfaction is the key to any successful company, making it the main driver for how ScrapRight operates. He lives on the notion that honesty and integrity are still what makes a company great!

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Why ScrapRight is the "Right" Choice

Doing things right is not only part of our name, it is the very core of our culture. For ScrapRight, that means utilizing current technology to create the most intuitive and easy to use software the recycling industry has ever seen. It also means that that same philosophy is applied to every other aspect of our business. From the very beginning of our company to the many long term relationships we maintain and value, doing things right is what defines ScrapRight!

With hundreds of successful installations, thousands of daily users, and millions of monthly transactions, our customers proclaim that we are not only #1 in keeping customers compliant but we are also the #1 easiest to use, fastest growing, best supported, best designed, most customer friendly, and, the #1 trusted software in the recycling industry. We have more 5-star reviews than all of our competitors combined!

When we got into the scrap software business in 2006, we were surprised by the lack of customer service we found from the legacy software providers. So, we set out to form a bold new company that returned to the old school conservative values where the customer is always right, and yet still fully embraces new school tech, making us better, faster, stronger, and more able to adapt than those legacy software companies that have been pitching the same old product for 25 plus years.

We hired right, formed world class architecture, created the most elegant user interface and made ScrapRight the easiest and most intuitive software available. We did this while carefully listening to our partners on the ground - the many yards who rely on our software to efficiently run their businesses. Listening, understanding and responding to the needs of our customers around the world truly sets us apart from our competitors.

So, if you insist on doing things right and want to partner with a company that does as well, I encourage you to set up a demonstration of the finest scrap purchasing and selling software on the market today. ScrapRight is capable of getting you into compliance immediately without breaking your bankroll, and without stressing you out night and day in the process. We would be honored to have the opportunity to show off what we have built and how it can help you to streamline your business in a completely no pressure, no obligation, in-person or online demo.

We offer flexible pricing options that include on-premises software hosting as well as cloud hosted solutions that fulfill the needs of the large complex scrap companies on down to the smallest solo operations. You have my personal commitment that you won’t be pressured or be hit with some slick sales pitch. We are who we say we are and we do what we promise and commit to do and we would love to have you join ScrapRight Nation.

Call us at +1 (877) 897-6422 now to schedule a demo and learn how you can “Scrap Right” with us.

The ScrapRight Journey


Scrap Metal Compliance Laws explode in the US, causing a high demand for software to give scrapyards a means to comply and stay out of trouble with the law!

2006 - 2007

Shon is asked to join a prominent Recycling Software company and his team quickly scales the business, adding on several hundred clients, installing and training on-prem solutions throughout the US. In the process, he intently listens to the industry and becomes the trusted recycling expert.


West Coast and East Coast teams exit their relationship with the former company due primarily to a lack of followthrough by the company's customer support. We go our separate ways and pursue other endeavors.


With former customers constantly reaching out asking for help, Shon considers starting his own software solution. After prayerful consideration, Shon assembles the former team, like minded in the other guys weakness l, determined to do it right together designing and building a brand new world class software to meet the needs of the recycling industry.

2010 - 2022

ScrapRight successfully installs over 750 yards,  distinguishing itself from competitors and establishing itself as a market leader in the scrap and recycling field. On-prem, iScrapRight, and ScrapRight hosted options are made available.

Today and Beyond

ScrapRight is constantly improving all aspects of the business, from the software itself with "ScrapRight 2.0," to managing support, development and all company culture, always continuing to strive to "Do Things Right."

Designed Right:

ScrapRight is the Most Powerful,
Yet User-Friendly Software Solution for Scrap Yards

"Very early on, we were met with a challenge from an influential multi-yard, multi-generational scrap veteran that we will never forget. We explained, because we approach our software with the goal of eliminating non-value-added processes and giving it an intuitive user interface, we are dummy-proofing the software experience for all your employees. He exclaimed, "I don't need dummy-proof. I need idiot-proof!" It was out of that conversation that we got an early insight into the very real challenges that scrap yard owners face. It is also why it is so important to choose which recycling software to partner with.

ScrapRight exists to provide you with the absolute best tools and services available to help run your buy and sell operations the way you want to with an easy-to-use, modern user interface. Leaning heavily on a "Continuous Improvement" philosophy, our team constantly strives to provide a system that is easy and fast to operate, assures that you are always in compliance, and gives office managers and owners the powerful reporting and inventory tools enabling you to maximize your scrapyard's profits.

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Giving Back

Service and ministry have always played an important role in our values. From 2012-2020, Shon and Tammy, along with the rest of the ScrapRight crew, operated and sponsored a charity called "Project Big Love," an annual back-to-school event that provided kids and their families with backpacks, shoes, supplies, groceries and more.
Over the years more than 45,000 people in the community were impacted by this event. In 2020, PBL closed its doors due to Covid protocols making the gatherings ineffective.

ScrapRight Also Supports

Meet the amazing people behind ScrapRight.

Sales & Installation

Our sales and installation teams are determined to give customers (and prospective customers) the very best possible experience from the first initial contact all the way through to becoming a long-term partner with us. Our reps walk you through demonstrations of the software and make recommendations on the best software and hardware package for your yard and for your budget. We offer flexible quotes to work with you, and determine any potential gaps in features, and can write those features into your contract with  accompanying timelines. Once a contract is signed, an installation date is set and our training and installation teams are sent to provide you with a turn-key go-live experience. Our reps are then responsible to follow up and maintain strong relationships with each of their customers.

Technical Support

While we are in an ever-changing business, we are a company that is determined to not change what once made companies great and that is customer relations.

All of our reps are Certified ScrapRight Technicians who care about your customer satisfaction and strive to solve problems as quickly as possible. We offer direct phone support and are not an impersonable  "call center" like some of the other guys.
Bilingual Support available. (En Espanol)

We offer extended support hours:
Mon - Fri:    7am to 7pm EST
Saturdays:    9am to 2pm EST

Design & Development

Our design and development department is dedicated to creating the easiest to use, fastest, most accurate, most flexible, most advanced, and stable software in the scrap industry. We take pride in producing the most user-friendly software possible to help take your business to the next level.

With a strong emphasis on “dummy proofing” and continuous improvement, we are constantly looking for ways to make the software you depend on better and better.

Our talented, and experienced team of senior developers are equipped to ensure that our industry leading softwares will continue to be miles ahead of the competition, and are dependable, adaptable, and feature-rich for the long term.

Administrative & Billing

Our administrative department wears so many hats within ScrapRight, and they do it all with a smile! We rely on our admin staff for our everyday account management, answering phones, booking travel, placing store orders, managing accounts receivable and maintaining overall customer care!

If you have ever called ScrapRight's front offices, you have surely experienced that they are always ready to help! As the first line of communication between ScrapRight and our customers, our admin staff are your liasons between our customers and our support, sales and service departments. We couldn't and wouldn't be the company we are without our Admin Staff!