ScrapRight offers the highest quality industry grade ATM's at extremely affordable prices.


The Number One Scrap Yard ATMs in the World

These units are a great return on investment, paying for themselves in just months by reducing theft and payroll burdens while also boosting safety and security for your yard.

Highest Grade ATMs

Top-notch, industry-grade ATMs are available at highly competitive rates.

Reduce Theft + Payroll

These devices quickly pay for themselves by cutting down theft and payroll expenses, providing a high ROI.

Boost Safety + Security

They also enhance the safety and security measures of your premises.


Dust-resistant, customizable kiosks for seamless ScrapRight yard operations.

Our seamless, powder-coated DUST RESISTANT KIOSKS are rugged complete solutions, built to your specifications in order to meet the exact needs of your yard. Available in Stand-Alone, Wall Mount Kiosk and Tabletop Kiosk versions.

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